About Us

Although power outages don’t happen as often as they did in the past, they still occur from time to time all over the globe If you’ve ever experienced having no electricity for a longer period of time, then you know just how uncomfortable it can make your life be. 


And if that’s the case, you can surely appreciate the value of a good portable generator. With a portable generator, you’ll never have to worry about a loss of electricity. How can you can select a power generator without experience? That’s what The Generator Judge is here for. 


Who Are We?

What is The Generator Judge you might be asking right about now? The name says it all. The Generator Judge is a website dedicated to reviewing and “judging” different portable generators on the market, in an effort to help people with little to no previous experience. 


Our staff of experienced writers has numerous years of experience in the power generator industry, in manufacturing, selling, and using them. No matter if you want a small portable generator for your lodge or a whole house generator, we got you covered. 


What Do We Do?

Our reviews have used, researched, and  written about hundreds of generators. They also took time to rank all of the  portable generators in terms of safety, durability, and overall performance. That way, you can find what you need easily. 


Whether you want to use a power generator as an electricity source in case of an emergency or you want power source while you’re out camping, The Generator Judge is here for you. We will help you find the best portable generator for your needs.


What can you find on The Generator Judge website? So far, we’ve worked on:


What Can We Help You With?

Different people have different needs. Some are comfortable working with propane, while others aren’t. If you need a backup power supply option for your home or a single power source for your next camping trip, you’ve come to the right place.